"In God we trust. Rest bring data", the words of renowned management consultant W. Edwards Deming are more relevant now than ever before when every company out there is striving to manage collate and analyse financial data not in the form of excel sheets but beyond. The numbers reveal a good amount of insights to those who are smart enough to see it and it takes the trained CFO in you to interpret it to your clients' advantage.

At MyTaxFiler® we specialize in not just guiding companies on their tax compliance but also in supporting those CFOs who wish to leverage their expertise to set up an independent business that offers financial expertise to their clients.

By partnering with us, CFOs could leverage our resources and expertise to help build their businesses successfully. We also help by connecting these CFOs with the right stakeholders including VCs, bankers, attorneys and vendor partners to facilitate possible synergies.

So, if you are among those CFOs with an entrepreneurial streak, just partner with MyTaxFiler® and pursue your dream of building your own business.